ELITE COMPUTERS have been servicing and repairing computers in several Sydney locations for more than 10 years. We specialize in removing viruses from computer system, but will happily deal with any computer repairs.


Computers are the tools we all use to get tasks done. We aim to solve any computer problems so you can get on with what’s important in life. Viruses are a hinderance to every individual who encounters them, yet anyone using the internet finds them unavoidable; either security measures must be used to prevent problems, or the viruses must be removed as they are encountered, Considering the damage a virus can do to a computer and the information stored there it is far better to stop the virus infecting the system than it is to try and remove it latter. We can recommend the most current software protection.


Elite Computers also deal with software and hardware supplies. The scope of our work and our considerable resources allows us to retail computers supplies very economically. If you need a part, we can find it for you.


Elite Computers perform the following services :

  • Computer Repairs
  • Repair of Virus infected computer, either PC or Mac
  • Date Backup
  • Supply of Computer Hardware & Accessories
  • Supply of Computer Software
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design

We are fast, We are reliable, and We are economical!


Elite computers is located at North Strathfield.

Servicing these areas :

ConcordConcord West

North StrathfieldHomebush


StrathfieldFive Docks

02 8757 3571 0414 614 718

233 Concord Rd North Strathfield NSW 2137


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